Do It Yourself.

I guess growing up without TV (other than the occasional Court TV or History Channel) made me pretty crafty. Forced to constantly come up with new ways to entertain myself, I often turned to the traditional arts and crafts. Ie: giving my Barbie's haircuts, giving my dog pedicures, butchering my clothing and paint-by-numbers.

Well, Fendi has taken crafts corner to a new level with their new Paint-Your-Own Baguette.

For $1,300 you get to be your very own Pollock or Picasso, and draw all over your blank Fendi Baguette with the 10 Pantone markers they've included. 
Afterwards, you and your neighbors can play manhunt or kick-the-can and make sand art in your parents basement.  Leave it to Fendi to revert you back to a 2nd grader.

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