Some hearts are true.

Ahhhhhhhh spring is in the air. I just bought my first pair of shorts and sandals, and now I'm ready to switch my winter perfume for something fresh and summery. Below is my list of ways to avoid smelling like shit when the weather gets warm, and everyone sweats. Just think how grateful the person standing next to you on the subway will be when you sit down next to them and don't smell like vomit. 
1. Creed, Virgin Island Water. - if the name doesn't scream "summer", the scent will. 
2. Sud Pacifique, Vanilla Coco - very sweet, try their other fragrances.
3. Le Labo, Neroli 36 - This place is really fucking cool; they mix up your perfume right in front of you, and then put your name and the date it was made on the bottle. Oh, and the scents are all incredible. This is my favorite. 
4. Bond No. 9, Little Italy - I can assure you, this doesn't smell like the street of little Italy at all- on the contrary, it smells like fresh grapefruits, oranges and mangos, and vanilla undertones. uh-mazing. (Thanks, Maxi) 

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